wood beads - 5mm and 6mm - pastel and neutral assortment

wood beads - 5mm and 6mm - pastel and neutral assortment
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Product Description

Neatly packaged variety of wood beads ideal for stringing and using on handmade cards.

Tiny - wood beads are 6mm with a few 5mm sizes.

String several onto linen thread, twine or Nymo thread for a lovely embellishment for baby, wedding and other themed cards.

Colors in this assortment are very natural in tone, ideal for adding a touch of subtle color and texture.

Package contains approximately 84 assorted wood beads: seven (7) varieties of wood beads: approximately one dozen each - all 6mm - of baby blue, celery green, bright baby pink, very neutral and very pale pink/mauve, ivory, and light tan. Also included is a dozen 5mm light tan for variety. Handy clear container with pop-off removable cap measures approximately 2-1/4 inches in height and one inch in diameter.

A convenient embellishment solution from StarLitStudio.