Tacky Wax - Earthquake Wax

Tacky Wax - Earthquake Wax
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Product Description

When I worked for The Franklin Mint I helped develop two of their dollhouses, and in every shipment of doll furniture we included a container of 'earthquake wax', used to secure the super-tiny objects in place.

As I began to use Tim Holtz's Configurations and 7gypsies wooden decor displays, I remembered this 'earthquake wax' and set out to find something similar, to safely secure precious, valuable, and quite often irreplaceable items that we are now displaying precariously on those skinny ledges.

Enter Tacky Wax - sold in one ounce plastic jars. Designed for a multitude of uses and not just our goodies on ledges: dollhouse collectors, securing taper candles in place is a great idea.

Plastic container has a snap on/off lid with friction closure, and is two inches in diameter and one inch in height.

Made in the USA.