Steampunk Tiny Erlenmeyer Flasks - Clear Glass Bottle Accents 3/Pkg

Steampunk Tiny Erlenmeyer Flasks - Clear Glass Bottle Accents 3/Pkg
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Product Description

Three (3) Tiny Erlenmeyer Flasks - clear glass bottles with corks and metal screw eyes or metal loops per package.

Wonderful little embellishments for your decorative needs - excellent embellishment for the doctor, artist or scientist. Miniature Erlenmeyer Flasks arrive empty with corks; corks contain an attachment loop.

Bottle dimensions (height includes cork) are approximately 1-1/8 inches in height. Three flasks per package.

Can be used in a multitude of ways: fill with walnut ink or a pretty shade of reinker, glitter, tiny beads...a love note scroll. Maybe just a piece of decorative paper that inspires you. Tease a swatch of delicate ribbon inside and encapsulate for all antiquity. Attach using existing wire, or remove wire and use waxed linen and so forth, and dangle one or several with other found items from a spine of a journal.

StarLitStudio recommends if sealing of the cork is desired, to use a clear-drying glue, as superglue or similar product may etch the glass.

Overall package measures 2-3/4 x 3-3/4 inches.

Another excellent Steampunk embellishment from Solid Oak.