Prima Snowflake Paste 4oz; Finnabair Art Extravagance

Prima Snowflake Paste 4oz; Finnabair Art Extravagance
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Product Description

Prima Snowflake Paste is ideal for use with stencils, or layer on its own for dimension to mimic snow. White, permanent and dense - excellent paste to provide structural, sparkly snow effect.

Container features a twist-off lid and contains 4oz - container measures 2 inches tall and 2-3/4 inches in diameter.

Color of paste may be changed if desired to any hue - before using - by mixing paste with paint, re-inkers, or spray inks. Just mix a little color into paste to quickly create any color your project requires. Paste can also be misted with most pearlized mists for shimmer and shine.

Dry time varies according to region, humidity and other factors; average dry time here in the Northeast USA in the autumn is 24 minutes. A heat tool may cause bubbling but this can produce a desired effect.

I recommend using an old credit or gift card to achieve a smooth surface (if desired) over stencil - this also removes unused paste from the stencil allowing contents to be swiped back into the container if desired. For a neater clean up and ease in dispensing product back into jar, an off-set spatula works beautifully. There are other specialty tools designed to work with pastes - these are great and make the job easier and faster, but not necessarily a requirement for success.

From Finnabair and Prima Marketing - part of their Art Extravagance line.