Picture Frame Hangers
Twelve (12) metal picture hangers with twelve (12) coordinating brads.

Size of each D hanger: 9/16" in width (length of the 'D') and length is 13/16".

Size of each triangle hanger: 3/4".

Brads are the 'ideal' brad - one with a nice shank length to ease splaying (7mm, approx. 1/4" in length).

These decorative elements can be used in a multitude of ways; perfect for adding a touch of metal, whimsy, or metal to your creations.

These are 'dual embellishments' - meaning they can be used for two purposes: attach an element, such as a tag, photo, journal block, stamped image, and so forth, using the brad through the picture hanger element, then use the triangle attachment as a launching pad for further embellishment with ribbons, fibers, wire and so forth.