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Ornate Pearl Tassels
Ornate Pearl Tassels
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Product Description

Ornate Pearl Tassels
One package of two (2) shiny metal, gold-tone tassels with bold pearl accents - delightful whimsy at your fingertips!

Size of each tassel: approximately 2-3/4" in length including attachment loop. Large pearl at the top is approximately 7/16" in diameter.

Each tassel features an attachment loop at the top of the metal cap. Metal cap features open cutwork; there are six gold chains that dangle ever-so-delicately:

Five of the chains feature a teardrop pearl bead at the end and one features a 3/8" pearl bead at the end.

These decorative elements are sturdy, yet give the air of whimsy from a bygone era. Ideally suited for altered books, handmade cards, journals, the jewelry arena, bookmarks, scrapbooking and the entire paper crafting realm.

Inset photo shows completed projects (bookmarks) using these ornate tassels. More photos for viewing in this etsy listing .