Nymo Thread Spool - Golden Yellow #351; 48 yards

Nymo Thread Spool - Golden Yellow #351; 48 yards
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Product Description

Nymo is strong and easy to thread and stitch with. Nymo was originally developed for and used in the upholstery industry. It is a nylon monocord which means it is a single bonded strand, not several twisted together.

Nymo can be used to string tiny beads, or tassels and fringe that are strong - but with supple movement.

It is excellent to use in a 'puddle' to add texture and detail to handmade cards. Simply wind a few times around your fingers, and arrange in a circular fashion behind a focal point on a card front.

Thread spool - 44.5 meters - over 48 yards.

Spool measures 7/8 inches in diameter and is 3/8 inches in height. The hole through the spool center makes organizing and storing several on a binding ring a breeze.

Strong and thin. Made in the USA; imported from Alexandra Renke.