Mica Tiles
Mica Tiles are compressed layers of all naturally mined mica. Each Tile can be delaminated (separated), increasing the quantity by many times! Pressed flowers, pictures, photos and stamps can be sandwiched in between the delaminated layers, which can then be re-adhered using Red Line Tape, Glossy Accents, embossing powders and more.

Try sewing delaminated layers with a sewing machine, or punch holes then stitch with wire or ribbon. My personal favorite is punching a hole then setting an eyelet - using the eyelet as an attachment point for further embellishments.

Ideal for a wide variety of projects, such as scrapbook pages, artwork, collage and assemblage. Wonderful coloration marks; great for handmade cards, photo encapsulation, jewelry and home decor projects.

Product features: Archival, lightfast, acid-free, heat resistant.

Mica Tiles - Small
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Mica Tiles - Medium
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Mica Tiles - Large
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