Medium Gold Locks - pkg of 2 sets

Medium Antique Gold Locks
Medium Antique Gold Locks
Item# hwmedantiquegoldlocks

Product Description

Gold locks - two-piece closures in antique brass metal.

These clasps come in two separate pieces: The first piece (the bar piece) has three pointed prongs at the base and is meant to be attached and remain stationary. The second piece (the clasp piece) has a push-button release mechanism and features a toothed attachment 'jaw' that is clamped in holds wide ribbon, fabric, chipboard, and so forth in place, to complete the closure.

Photo shows two units - one unit in two separate pieces and the other with the closure in the closed position.

Each package contains two (2) lock units. Lock is functional; once mounted this clasp is fully functional as well as decorative. Use of pliers is needed to bend prongs.

Size of locks: each unit is approximately 3/4" (2cm) in length and 5/8" (16mm) in width at widest point.

Use as a decorative or functional closures for journals, special handmade cards, paper maché boxes or other alterable items. Try running several along the spine of journal or book as a decorative element!