idea-ology Long Screws

idea-ology Long Screws
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Product Description

For some of your projects, the screws that come with idea-ology products such as the Faucet or Curio Knobs, the Pulley Wheels, the Clock Keys and so forth...just aren't long enough.

Silver metal. Size: 1/2 inch in length, head is 5/32 of an inch in diameter.

Use of a flat-head screwdriver with these would be ideal. Or a slim coin, thumbnail, credit card, and so forth. I can't recommend the dull blade side of an x-acto knife, but if you also use a swivel chair as a step stool or jump out of flying airplanes without a parachute this might work for you.

Eight (8) screws per package.

An idea-ology product from Tim Holtz and Advantus.