Little Robin Redbreast Collection - Craft Consortium *new*
Introducing Little Robin Redbreast collection from Craft Consortium. The story of the garden's favorite adorable little robin and its adventures throughout all the seasons. Illustrated by Clare Therese Gray.

Starting in Spring, from the walled gardens and the sowing of seeds, through to summer blooms and harvest time - an incredible bounty of fruits and vegetables. Ending in Winter, with snow covered benches and signs that Spring is once more on its way, with pops of snowdrops and floral delights.

Paper pads feature various elegant effects such as spot UV varnish, textured and opalescent cardstock.

From Craft Consortium Ltd. - a family run business, founded in 2013 by husband & wife Terry & Sue Lennon. Main headquarters \ are located in the beautiful rural setting of the Midlands, England.