Large Silver Locks - pkg of 2 sets

Large Silver Locks
Large Silver Locks
Item# hwlargesilverlocks

Product Description

Silver locks - two-piece closures in shiny nickel metal.

Clasps come in two separate pieces: The first piece (the bar piece) has three pointed prongs at the base and is meant to be attached and remain stationary.

The second piece (the clasp piece) has a push-button release mechanism and features a clamp-style 'jaw' that when clamped in place will hold wide ribbon, fabric, chipboard, and so forth in place, to complete the closure.

Each package contains two (2) silver lock units (two bar pieces and two clasp pieces). Use of pliers is needed to bend prongs. Once mounted these locks are fully functional as well as decorative.

Photo shows two units - one unit in two separate pieces and the other mounted, with 1" ribbon mounted in place, clamped, and brads added. Instead of brads, one could use eyelets. Hole opening is 1/8" wide.

Size of locks: each unit is approximately 1-3/16" (3cm) in length and 1" (25mm) in width at widest point.

Use as a decorative or functional closures for journals, special handmade cards, paper maché boxes or other alterable items. Try running several along the spine of journal or book as a decorative element!

If using ribbon, StarLitStudio recommends folding ribbon edge over twice before inserting in the clamp area (see photo).