~ welcome to StarLitStudio ~

StarLitStudio was formed in 2001 and began as an online craft store in 2003. Eyelets were new to the papercrafting world, and 7gypsies (remember them?) didn't even have a website yet.

My name is Cindy, and I have been crafty (with paper and glue, this is not a Beastie Boys reference ha) my entire life. When not under state-mandated closures, I am a vendor and maintain a booth, selling my handmade creations on Saturdays since January of 2013, at the Stangl Market in historic downtown Flemington, New Jersey.

The online store began back in 2003, and I started shipping internationally in 2003 as well.

Living out in the country here in Hunterdon County is wonderful, but the price one pays for serenity, quiet and the beauty of nature is not having retail stores nearby. Princeton is closest, followed by Manhattan. I thank heavens for UPS and USPS and Fedex.

My objective with the store is to keep myself busy (and out of trouble - ha) and allow my OCD to run rampant with organizing all the trinkets and goodies, and the perfection of the challenge to get parcels neatly packaged and shipped expediently.

I package and ship your order personally. The contents of your package are wrapped with care to ensure safe transit to you, and shipped same or next postal day.

StarLitStudio® is a registered trademark of StarLitStudio, LLC.

Our contact information:

By standard mail:
StarLitStudio, LLC
24 Sutton Farm Rd
Flemington, NJ 08822-2727

To reach me please email at starlitstudio [!at] gmail.com. I am not a big-box store and do not maintain a dedicated phone line. I check email frequently and respond quickly.


Your order is subject to acceptance by StarLitStudio, LLC and may be refused for the following reasons but not reserved to: credit concerns, unusual volumes, being a jerk, past incidents, requests in the comment section that are not feasible, or shipping addresses. Payment methods accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.


All orders are inspected and checked before shipment to ensure accuracy and that the product is in excellent condition. Your products are packaged neatly and orderly as I am an organizational neat-freak.

Issues regarding defective merchandise: Contact me or contact the manufacturer. In our craft world there are very few companies that do not stand by their product and if they don't, I don't carry their product.

In the event of an internet and/or power outage, or other incident, shipping will resume when my local internet access and/or power resumes, and providing the USPS in my area is operational. I am located in northeast USA - the State of New Jersey. Should such an incident occur, all orders will be on hold until power and services are restored in my area. During this time you can cancel your order up until your package ships by emailing me at starlitstudio [!at] gmail.com. This section was inserted after Hurricane Sandy ripped through the Northeast in 2012, and last updated January 13, 2021.


Please take your time while shopping. Add-ons or product cancellations may cause a delay (not long, though) in processing and shipping your order. Please contact me at starlitstudio [!at] gmail.com as quickly as possible.


Do you collect Sales Tax? Yes if your order is shipped to the state of New Jersey. StarLitStudio collects and pays New Jersey's theft tax quarterly for merchandise and shipping total for parcels shipped within the state of New Jersey.

An item I want reads ‘out of stock’. When will you get more? The store maintains “live inventory” and one can not backorder merchandise. Please feel free to email me anytime (starlitstudio [!at] gmail.com) in regards to the due date of an out of stock item.

Do you really ship 'same or next postal day'? Yes indeed.

I just saw additional items I want but just placed an order a few minutes (or hours) ago. Any chance I can add to my order and not pay additional shipping? Absolutely yes if your order has not already shipped. (You will know your order shipped if you received an email with tracking information.) What to do: Send an email to me (starlitstudio [!at] gmail.com) and alert me that you placed an order and list (or link) the items and quantities you need. I'll send a manual invoice, combine both orders and immediately ship it to you. If the second order places you over the $100 threshold for free shipping I will refund the shipping the system charged you. It is no trouble to do this for you.

Do you have a blog where you share what you have created? Yes - it is starlitstudio.typepad.com

Why are you/how did you get to be artistically inclined? My mother was an elementary school art teacher, and I grew up learning about light and shadows and color whether I wanted to or not :)

There is a craft product that I really want and it's not in your store. Can you get it for me? Most likely - just send me an email (starlitstudio [!at] gmail.com) and I'll forward pricing and shipping times/availability.

Do you ship internationally? Yes to some countries - I've been shipping internationally since 2003. Please click the SHIPPING tab located on the left of your screen.

Do I need a PayPal account to place an order No. PayPal is a payment option, along with Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

I received my package and the box is damaged and so are the contents - what do I do? Take photos of the box and the damaged contents, and email me right away with the photos at starlitstudio [!at] gmail.com. All packages are insured. I will want to know if you are not satisfied with your order.

I received a tracking number and it's been a week, and my package is still not here - the tracking is showing my package is stuck at (insert your city here) - what do I do? Email me right away - I can begin an inquiry on your package through the United States Postal Service, and nine times out of ten this triggers your parcel's movement...so please, if you haven't received your package in a few days (I ship almost immediately upon receipt of your order and generally USPS Priority Mail is fairly fast) please send me an email. My mail carrier, George, is the best and traditionally you'll get your package very, very quickly.

Where did you get that cool logo? The very talented Joel at www.tasteofinkstudios.com created the StarLitStudio logo.