Gelly Roll Black Glaze Pens - pkg of 2

Gelly Roll Black Glaze Pens
Gelly Roll Black Glaze Pens
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Product Description

Two (2) pens per package. The ideal tool for easy, raised lines and glossy lettering. Application: no mess, no fuss. raised lines without the need for a heat tool or stylus.

0.7mm bold line. 45-60 second dry time.

Glaze pens add 3-D impact to virtually any plastic, ceramic or metal surface and clings to most non-porous materials such as CD's, glass, vellum and mylar.

Color is bright and glossy - perfect for accenting rubber stamped images, highlighting monograms, stickers, doodling, glass microscope slide ornaments and jewelry - this is just the beginning.

After removing the pen cap, be sure to remove the protective plastic cap over the pen nib and discard. It simply pulls off with little effort.