Genuine Glass Optical Lens - pkg of 1

Genuine Glass Optical Lens
Genuine Glass Optical Lens
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Product Description

One (1) silver metal frame encasing a thick glass lens. Lens is a true ophthalmic trial lens and does indeed magnify objects - a wonderful and special embellishment with a built in, small attachment loop.

The amount of magnification varies with each lens and very few are identical. Packaged and sold individually.

The lens' outer frame diameter is 1-1/2" (38mm) in diameter, and the glass diameter is 1-3/8" (35mm). There is not a front or back to these optical lenses when viewing through them; however there is a slight concave nature to the glass on one side and flat on the other. The dome is slight but visible when viewing the lens from the side, and can be felt with the fingertips.

Attach and dangle on a journal, diary or altered book spine with a ball and chain or cording. Ideal for use as a found object, on scrapbook pages, altered books, very special handmade cards, to name a few venues!

Try tying lens onto a silk ribbon, wax linen, cording and so forth for your own, classy monocle! Or, pair a lens with a love note, invitation, and so forth, typeset the wording on the computer in the tiniest font!

Cut a 1" circle, or use a 1" circle punch to adhere decorative papers or artwork on the obverse, using the glass insert and metal encasement as a picture frame. Options within the altered realm are as clever as your imagination allows!