Do you collect Sales Tax? Yes if your order is shipped to the state of New Jersey. StarLitStudio collects and pays New Jersey's theft tax quarterly for merchandise and shipping total for parcels shipped within the state of New Jersey.

An item I want reads ‘out of stock’. When will you get more? The store maintains “live inventory” and one can not backorder merchandise. You can opt to enter your name/email address and be notified when an out of stock item is back in stock.

Do you really ship 'same or next postal day'?
 Yes indeed.

I just saw additional items I want but just placed an order a few minutes (or hours) ago. Any chance I can add to my order and not pay additional shipping?
 Absolutely yes if your order has not already shipped. (You will know your order shipped if you received an email with tracking information.) What to do: Send an email (email address at bottom of your screen) and alert me that you placed an order and list (or link) the items and quantities you need. I'll send a manual invoice, combine both orders and immediately ship it to you. If the second order places you over the $75 threshold for free shipping I will refund the shipping the system charged you. It is no trouble to do this for you.

What does it mean in a stamp set listing 'without header' or 'with header'?  The header means the packaging. I've discovered it's an industry term that will be phased out with newer listings.  

By giving you the actual stamp set size ('without header'), or the size of the packaging ('with header') gives the viewer an idea of scale when deciding to make a purchase.  Lately I've been providing measurements, whether it's a stamp or a sticker set or a die set when listing new items, so you have an idea of its size.  Often a maker will look for specific parameters of a shape or sentiment, to fit within a tag shape, an envelope, or similar situation.  As a maker myself, knowing the size of what I'm purchasing is desired.

Do you have a blog where you share what you have created, and are you on social media? Yes - it is starlitstudio.typepad.com - but I post more frequently on Instagram at @starlitstudio. I am not active on Facebook.

Do you ship internationally?
 Yes to some countries - I've been shipping internationally since 2003. Please email me with a list and your address/country and I can provide a shipping quote.  A common solution is to have items shipped to a USA based post office box that you maintain, and have them handle the shipping to you.

I received my package and the box is damaged and so are the contents - what do I do?
 Take photos of the box and the damaged contents, and email me (email address at bottom of your screen) right away with the photos.  

Sustainability:StarLitStudio utilizes USPS Ground Advantage service: packages are shipped using air to ground transportation, procuring zero-emission and reduced-emission vehicles, and optimizing delivery routes, reducing the overall carbon footprint.