Black Waxed Linen - 4 ply

Black Waxed Linen
Black Waxed Linen
Item# waxedlinenblack

Product Description

Made in Belfast, Ireland. Crawford Waxed Linen is very strong; unbreakable with bare hands. Wax coating is a shell microwax which is a hydrocarbon wax.

Waxed linen is a wax-coated thread that has a variety of uses:
  • It holds its shape when knotted; the ends can be cut very close to a tight knot without risk of the knot coming undone.
  • It can be used to hang small charms with interesting knots. Knots stay put when tied (unlike hemp and certain kinds of ribbon, for example). Also, it easily passes through button holes and small holes.
  • Ideally suited for book binding, binding tiny albums, altered books, handmade cards, journals, the jewelry arena, scrapbooking and the entire paper crafting realm, to name a few venues.

Wax linen is not cut until your order is received, and multiple quantity purchases are shipped in one continuous length. If purchasing quantity one (1), one will receive one continuous yard. If purchasing quantity two (2), one would receive two (2) continuous yards and so forth.

Product is encased in an acid-free sleeve prior to shipment.