Alexandra Renke Craft Dies - Gramophone & Saxophone

Alexandra Renke Craft Dies - Gramophone & Saxophone
Item# ARenkeD-AR-Mk0001
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Product Description

Quality metal dies from Alexandra Renke - Gramophone & Saxophone (#D-AR-Mk0001) die set of 2 - measurements approximate: gramophone: 1.25 x 2 inches; saxophone: 1.2 x 2.12 inches.

Manufactured in the USA.

American made, German company. Steel dies will cut cardstock, patterned paper, thin chipboard, thin cork, felt, bubble wrap, acetate, photo magnet sheets, sticky-back canvas, fabric including denim, sandpaper, 2mm craft foam, and specialty papers including wood veneer and gift bags.

Use with most leading manufacturers' die cut machines. A quality product from Alexandra Renke.