2mm Ball and Chain with Connectors

2mm Ball and Chain with Connectors
Item# ballchain2mm

Product Description

One continuous yard (36") of 2mm nickel metal ball chain plus two (2) connectors. Quality chain for all your crafting needs - solid silver nickel metal construction.

Use as a long necklace chain for a single pendant, or two short pendants, or for attaching tags to the handles of gift bags and so forth. Simply cut to length desired using old scissors or wire cutters. Do not use new scissors unless they are designed to cut metal.

Ideal for neck cords for domino pieces, polymer clay creations, soldered artwork - any pendant: highly sturdy, attractive, comfortable and inexpensive.

Chain is not cut until your order is received, and multiple quantity purchases will be cut in one continuous length. (If purchasing quantity one (1), one will receive one (1) continuous yard and two (2) connectors; if purchasing quantity two (2), one would receive two (2) continuous yards and four (4) connectors, and so forth).