MicroGlaze - 1oz

MicroGlaze - Waterproof Finish
MicroGlaze - Waterproof Finish
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Product Description

MicroGlaze is an all purpose paper protector for artists and craftspeople.

One (1) one-fl.ounce (30mL) container. MicroGlaze is made in the USA. As used/shown in Tim Holtz's distressables 2 book.

Apply a dab and spread very thinly over area to be protected. Simple, easy. Prevents smears and stains from routine handling; also resists dirt and spills. The thin coating prevents water from permeating; also keeps air away from paper. Product is unobtrusive and is difficult to detect on a paper surface. For a soft sheen, allow area to dry for a few hours then buff with a soft cloth.

Works on paper, wood, metal and many other materials. It prevents corrosion on metal. Environmentally friendly choice for protecting most paper surfaces.

It is recommended to test a small area first. MicroGlaze is non toxic and acid free, but ordinary art materials precautions apply - Do not ingest. Not recommended for children.

Contains: wax, an odorless cosmetic grade petroleum solvent which evaporates completely, and a light citrus fragrance. Cleanup if necessary with common mineral spirits (paint thinner).

Try using as a resist with rubber stamping, watercoloring, or batiking. Protect recipe cards in the kitchen. Use in the office to quiet squeaky file drawers. Use on any metal tool or antiques to prevent rust.