Gelly Roll White Souffle Pens - pkg of 2

Gelly Roll White Souffle Pens
Gelly Roll White Souffle Pens
Item# gellyrollwhitesoufflepens

Product Description

Package contains two (2) pens. The ideal tool for easy, raised, fluffy lines with a matte sheen. Application: no mess, no fuss. raised lines without the need for a heat tool or stylus.

Writes on light or dark backgrounds and an incredible amount of surfaces. Write on everything from CD's to cardstock to cellphones to vellum to plastic buttons (think - dress up those plain buttons by adding polka dots!).

1.0mm ball diameter for a 0.7mm line effect. 2-3 minute dry time. Waterproof on many surfaces.

These incredible gel ink pens write, then dry to a 3-dimensional, opaque, matte line.

No need to shake, pump or squeeze – just write slowly to let ample ink flow from the tip, let the ink dry completely, and you have a raised embossed ink effect.

**Tip is pressure-sensitive.**

The embossed effect created with these pens is delicate and can be crushed-down, so careful handling/transit is necessary. (Just like a real baked soufflé!)