Beach House Collection

Beach House Collection
The Beach House collection, designed by Janet Hopkins, is filled with a little bit of all the things you’ll find while relaxing at a summer beach house. It is the time you spend playing games, laughing and exploring the shores that make memories to last a lifetime.

Designs printed on both sides of the 65# cover weight, slightly textured paper.

The 12x12 multipacks have 22 sheets and the 6x6 packs have 24 sheets. The 6x6 papers are printed at half-scale from their 12x12 counterparts.

Coordinates with Card Shoppe Cotton Candy, Peppermint, Gold Coins, Whirlypop, Butter Mints, Peanut Cluster and Candy Bar.

Made in the USA.

Beach House Collection - 12x12 multipack
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Beach House Collection - 6x6 multipack
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